How To Access Previous Tips

The Problem

Let me guess -- you subscribed to a free, weekly Selenium tip newsletter and aren't sure of how to access previously written tips (or are unaware that this is even a possibility).

A Solution

Check out the Elemental Selenium Tip Archives! Each tip is available there, and it's simple to traverse.

All of the tips are tagged, categorized, and marked by level of difficulty. Each marking is clickable (both within the tip and when viewing all tips on the archive page), and will return a filtered result.

An Example

If you are viewing Tip 7 and click on the category (e.g. 'Patterns').

tip 7

Then it will return a list of all tips with the same category.

category list

Alternatively, you could have clicked on one of the tags (e.g. '#page_object') and it would have returned a list of tips that were tagged similarly.

tag list

Expected Outcome

  • View the tip archive (or an individual tip)
  • Click a filtering option
  • See a filtered list of tips
  • View and enjoy another relevant tip


Hopefully this has helped turn you onto the bounty of freely available Selenium tips that were right at your fingertips this whole time.

Happy Testing!

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