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How to Open a New Window or Tab

The Problem

Nearly everyone, at some point during their normal flow of work on the computer, has had to open a new window or tab. In fact, many of us often end up with several tabs open. It makes sense that this should be tested using automation.

Previously, you may have sent keystrokes to open a new tab or window with a send keys method and Command t (macOS) or Control n (Windows/Linux). However, this doesn't translate well across different operating systems and browser versions.

A Solution

Most modern browser automation tools have a built-in method to open a new window or tab. This method allows you to create a new window or new tab (without needing a keyboard input), then select that new tab or window, and navigate to a website.


Expected Behavior

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Navigate to the-internet website
  • Open a New Window and move it to a different position on the screen
  • Navigate to the Typos page on the-internet website
  • Check the number of windows open
  • Close all browsers


There are many possible use cases for this new way of opening and focusing on new browser tabs and windows across OS and browser combinations.

From testing the way a user can interact with two windows side-by-side, to testing performance and behavior of multiple windows, this new command makes it simpler to test on multiple web pages.

Happy Testing!


Lindsay Walker
Creator of this tip
Diego Molina
Maintainer of Elemental Selenium