How To Right Click

The Problem

Sometimes you'll run into an app that has functionality hidden behind a right-click menu (a.k.a. a context menu). These menus tend to be system level menus that are untouchable by Selenium. So how do you test this functionality?

A Solution

By leveraging Selenium's Action Builder we can issue a right-click command (a.k.a. a context_click).

We can then select an option from the menu by traversing it with keyboard arrow keys (which we can issue with the Action Builder's send_keys command). For a full write-up on working with keyboard keys in Selenium, see tip 61.

Let's dig in with an example.

An Example

Let's start by pulling in the necessary libraries (selenium-webdriver to control the browser and rspec/expectations & RSpec::Matchers to perform an assertion) and wiring up some simple setup, teardown, and run methods.

# filename: right_click.rb

require 'selenium-webdriver'
require 'rspec-expectations'
include RSpec::Matchers

def setup
  @driver = Selenium::WebDriver.for :firefox

def teardown

def run

Now we're ready to write our test.

Let's use an example from the-internet that will render a custom context menu when we right-click on a specific area of the page (link). Clicking the context menu will trigger a JavaScript alert which will say You selected a context menu. We'll grab this text and use it to assert that the menu was actually triggered.

run do
  @driver.get 'http://the-internet.herokuapp.com/context_menu'
  menu_area = @driver.find_element id: 'hot-spot'
  alert = @driver.switch_to.alert
  expect(alert.text).to eq('You selected a context menu')

Expected Behavior

If we save this file and run it (e.g., ruby right_click.rb) from the command-line) here is what will happen:

  • Open the browser and visit the page
  • Find and right-click the area which will render a custom context menu
  • Select the context menu option with keyboard keys
  • JavaScript alert appears
  • Grab the text of the JavaScript alert
  • Assert that the text from the alert is what we expect


To learn more about context menus, you can read this write-up from the Tree House blog. And for more thorough examples on working with keyboard keys and JavaScript alerts in your Selenium tests, check out tips 61 and 51.

Happy Testing!

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